Steel Warriors

Steel Warriors

Fitness parks made from confiscated knives
Ben Wintour
United Kingdom

Between 2018 and 2019, the UK saw a 22 percent spike in criminal offences involving knives, affecting immediate victims and scarring entire communities. Police confiscates over a tonne of surrendered knives every month. Building on these, Steel Warriors is an anti-knife crime charity that melt these knives and recycles the steel into outdoor callisthenics parks in London. They carefully select each gym location, taking into account knife crime statistics and the availability of free facilities for young people in the area. By placing these parks in areas affected by high levels of knife crime, they distract younger people and bring them together. Through street workout, they aim to transform the lives of young people affected by crime, violence and social exclusion, giving them the skills and confidence to create positive futures, as well as to foster stronger, safer, better-connected communities.


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