A Locally-Sourced Filtration System thanks to Moulding!
Cody Moore
United States

One of the biggest issues that complicate the growing water crisis is reusability. No matter how well a filter is designed or conceptualised, when it reaches the end of its life cycle the filter will be discarded. Creating an effective mould that can be made with easily accessible materials solves this reusability issue. With the Sift Filtration Systems, it is easy to use resources available locally to create water filtration systems. The sifter moulds are vessels created by combining sawdust and clay, which produces a semi-porous solid wall filter when fired. The Sift Filtration Systems has a two-filter process. The first candle filter is submerged in an elevated vat of dirty water – as the flow of water emerges from the bottom of the hose, the filter slowly cleans the water and distributes it into a new vessel. The second pour-in filter is designed to function like a tea kettle – pour the dirty water in, wait and then pour the clean water out of the spout.


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