An interdisciplinary learning experience about designing for sustainability


We collect Design Signals that script a more inclusive, equal, peaceful, safer and healthier future

Design for Sustainability is a studio course, run by EPFL in partnership with ECAL

The global and local challenges we face, including poverty, inequality, environmental degradation, social justice require a paradigm shift: from sustainable design to design for sustainability.

This interdisciplinary project-based course aims to explore and practice some of the fundamental tools to bridge design and system thinking for sustainability. It takes the participants through practical concepts, tools and processes to propose design interventions that aim to improve the co-existence of humans, preserve biodiversity, and life-supporting systems. It integrates environmental, economic, social and cultural dimensions. The course explores interventions at different levels (material, product, product-service system, social innovation, and system transformation).

What you will find here


We collect design projects that script a more inclusive, equal, peaceful, safer and healthier future.


We offer various resources to support students, but also designers and engineers, in designing for sustainability.


We document courses' activities, contents and outcomes in order to share it with a wider community of educators and other institutions

Who we are

Marius Aeberli

Strategic designer, lecturer @EPFL

Marc Laperrouza

Economist, lecturer @EPFL

Michka Mélo

Bioengineer & sustainability specialist, lecturer @EPFL

Silvio Rebholz

Product designer, lecturer @ECAL

Hannah Casey

Teaching assistant @EPFL