PANGAIA Digital Passport

PANGAIA Digital Passport

Connecting Customers to Product Journeys

PANGAIA is connecting consumers to transparency, traceability and circularity with its Digital Passports, which use QR codes and a cloud-hosted digital twin. With this resource, customers who want to learn more about the garments they purchase from the brand may consult the Digital Passport to understand the unique journey of the product. The Digital Passports are printed directly onto product care labels and they unlock an interactive experience once scanned by a mobile device. Some of the information that can be accessed by customers include provenance information and mapping of the dyeing, production and distribution facilities, as well as details on transportation and aftercare. PANGAIA's Digital Passports are making their debut on the upcoming Horizon t-shirt collection. For the rest of the year, the brand will be introducing more Digital Passports for new and existing items.


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