Recycling car bumpers
Bruno Caldas (ECAL), Mattia Valitutti (EPFL), Aleksandra Nazarova (ECAL), Simone Minervini (EPFL)
2021 - 2022

The project ULTRAUVA invites you to discover the traditional practice of wine harvesting in that takes place every fall in Switzerland. When harvesting grapes winemakers currently use heavy plastic boxes made from unsustainably sourced materials and take up a lot of space during the off-season.
The project investigates the use of fiber-reinforced polypropylene recycled from car waste as a more durable, lightweight, and more sustainably sourced alternative material. ULTRAUVA is a wine harvesting box, optimized for maximum user experience on the wine field and minimum space use when stored away.

Developed with the combined expertise of EPFL and ECAL the re-designed, sustainable wine harvesting box is a product to empower local traditional winemakers in Switzerland and support them in perfecting their craft.

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