Local Digital Factory
Crespin Léo (ECAL), Ferchiou Sami (EPFL), Mouhoub Mael (EPFL), Lombardo Sam (ECAL), Nussbaumer Vincent (EPFL)
2021 - 2022

Using CNC router and curved grooved wood, U—Shelf creates a configurable shelf with contemporary and minimalist lines. The system is aimed at a wide range of people who need low-cost, custom-made furniture while being concerned about their ecological impact. To do this, by a simple process of grooves, the furniture limits the steps of production as well as the materials used in order to make the object producible by the local craftsmen. On a website, the customer can choose his options in a determined library: the number and size of the trays, the number and height of the columns and the colour. The coloured linoleum solidifies the bentwood and adds a touch of colour to the products. The shape and technique used in this shelf allows for the possibility of expanding

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