Furniture lifecycle
Leonie Sammone (ECAL), Leonardo Avoni (EPFL), Pierre-Jean Renaud (EPFL), Alejandra Reig (EPFL)
2021 - 2022

The emergence of this project was to question the life cycle of furniture. The starting point was a study of the amount of waste produced by fast furniture, which shows that 80% is produced by offices. MOF is made for startups in a furniture rental model. Renting brings many advantages such as the possibility for furniture to have several users during its life, and to offer durable furniture to startups that do not want to invest in the fitting out of business premises right away. MOF is designed to be adaptable to different environments through the use of sheet steel. Accessories are added to make the furniture more versatile and fit in with the space. It is a shelf that can become a dynamic place for startups, but also be used along a wall as document storage.

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