Local Digital Factory
Yu-Hsin Yang (EPFL), Giacomo Orsi (EPFL), Nicolas Honegger (ECAL), Aramis Rudisuhli (ECAL)
2021 - 2022

Sports goggles with removable, tailor-made wind protections. They are manufactured locally using digital technologies.
Our project started with understanding which products may benefit from local production using 3D printing techniques. We found that the current production of frames for eyeglasses is pretty inefficient. According to a study conducted by Eurolens Research, the production of frames for eyeglasses takes on average.

  • The process of building frames in acetate plastic only uses 20% of the actual material, and the remaining 80% becomes production waste. 

  • 2 out of 3 frames produced are never sold due to overproduction to fit future trends uncertainty 

  • On average, plastic frame production cause 1.5 kg of CO2 emissions.

This project dives deeper into understanding how to produce sports glasses sustainably:

  • Frames can be 3D printed with a recycled material called BlueSint, which 
can cut production waste and emissions 

  • There exist techniques that can let us scan the face of a user and design 
personalised glasses
  • A significant share of glasses is sports glasses. There exist different 
shapes and features depending on the sport and the preferences of the user

Our proposal brings the three points together to build personalised 3D printed sports glasses that perfectly pitch the users’ demand while reducing production impact and consumption.
In addition, since we can have glasses that perfectly fit the needs of sportive customers, they may use only one pair of glasses (e.g. for cycling and running) instead of two different pairs. As shown in several research papers, they will be willing to keep them longer since they are personalised. 

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