i2 Non-Directional Carpet Tiles

i2 Non-Directional Carpet Tiles

Nature doesn’t design to match. Why should carpets do?
David Oakey, InterfaceFLOR
United States

Inspired by nature’s ground coverings, InterfaceFLOR’s i2 Carpet Tiles are made with varied patterning and coloring within one style. This variation means dye lots need not be matched during production, carpet tiles can be placed in any order or direction, and individual tiles can be replaced without the need to re-carpet an entire room. These features greatly reduce manufacturing, installation, and replacement waste. They can ben combined with the TacTiles system, which consist of releasable adhesive squares that connect the back side of carpet tiles to one another at each corner upon installation to create a floating floor: once connected, gravity keeps the tiles securely on the floor without them having to be permanently attached to the substrate.


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