Be Ready Collection

Be Ready Collection

Daily Object with a Double Function in Case of Natural Disaster.
SUPERLIFE (Cyrille Verdon, Edriss Gaaloul)

Natural disasters sometimes strike when not expected, and can happen at any time in everyday life. With this in mind, SUPERLIFE designed a set of 4 speculative objects that reveal an emergency function in case of disaster. ALIVE is an emergency whistle that can be hidden under a desk and whose dock turns into a light beacon that can be spotted by emergency services, even under water or ruins. BLACKOUT is a floor lamp that has an emergency backup battery in case of power cut, and its top part is detachable and can be used as a flashlight. MEDUSE is a carpet that inflate to become a life buoy in case of flood. POUMON is a pen-pot that turns into an air filter in case of fire or dust clouds.


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